LG V50 ThinQ CellPhoneSpecial


The LG V50 ThinQ conveys quicker 5G speeds where Sprint’s system is accessible. In any case, that is insufficient to legitimize its precarious cost, particularly when you think about its poor battery life and dated plan.

LG V50 ThinQ CellPhoneSpecial

Except if you completely must have a 5G Cell Phone, avoid LG’s V50 ThinQ. You can purchase a superior leader for less.

FOR V50 ThinQ

  • Delightful showcase
  • Quicker download speeds on Sprint’s 5G arrange


  • Poor battery life on LTE
  • Extremely costly
  • Run restrictive at dispatch

Finally, 2019 is turning out to be the year when we’re at last observing 5G Cell Phones. Half a month after Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G made its presentation on Verizon’s juvenile 5G organize, the LG V50 ThinQ has shown up, at first as a restrictive with Sprint.

We initially observed LG’s 5G Telephone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, and at that point, the V50 looked a ton like the V arrangement telephones that preceded it. In any case, presently we’ve gotten an opportunity to see the telephone’s leader highlight — the capacity to interface with quicker 5G speeds — utilizing Sprint’s recently propelled arrange, and the LG V50 is establishing progressively particular connection.

LG V50 ThinQ CellPhoneSpecial

Notwithstanding, somewhat quicker speeds aren’t generally enough to make this telephone an unquestionable requirement purchase, particularly with accessibility constrained to where Sprint’s 5G organize has come on the web.

Specifications of V50 ThinQ

LG V50 ThinQ CellPhoneSpecial
  • Cost:                                                                      $1,152
  • Operating system:                                          Android 9 Pie
  • Screen Size (Resolution):                             6.4-inch POLED (3120×1440)
  • CPU:                                                                      Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • RAM:                                                                     6GB
  • Capacity:                                                             128GB
  • microSD?:                                                            up to 2TB
  • Back Camera(s):                                               Triple: 12-MP standard (ƒ/1.5), 16-MP wide edge (ƒ/1.9), 12-MP fax (ƒ/2.4)
  • Front Camera(s):                                              Double: 8-MP (ƒ/1.9) and 5-MP wide edge (ƒ/2.2)
  • Battery Size:                                                      4,000 mAh
  • Battery Life (Hrs:Mins):                                8:28
  • Water Resistance:                                           IP68
  • Size:                                                                      6.27 x 3.0 x 0.33 inches
  • Weight:                                                               6.46 ounces

Cost and Availability of V50

Until further notice, Sprint’s the main spot to get an LG V50 ThinQ, however, in the end, the telephone will be coming to Verizon. Run is selling the LG V50 for $1,152, however, in the event that you rent the telephone on an 18-month Sprint Flex plan, you can pay $24 every month for the telephone. That is a markdown from the real rent cost.

Dash is just a contribution to the telephone in urban communities where 5G administration is accessible, which is restricted to Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, and Kansas City right now. More urban areas will follow, however.

While $1,152 is a great deal to pay for a telephone, the V50 doesn’t cost as much as the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Samsung’s telephone begins at $1,299 when you get it through Verizon.

Design of V50 ThinQ

There’s nothing amazing about the LG V50 ThinQ’s Design. LG has basically stuffed the V50’s 5G running rigging and new silicon into the body of the V40, while likewise knocking up the battery size from 3,300 mAh to 4,000 mAh.

An outcome is a gadget that is intangibly thicker. The main way you’d have the option to let one know LG telephone from the other is that the V50’s triple-focal point lodging doesn’t just from the handset’s glass back as it did on the V40.

LG V50 ThinQ CellPhoneSpecial

Beneath those back cameras, you’ll despite everything locate a back confronting unique mark sensor. Over that sensor, in any case, is the place things get somewhat more intriguing. LG has heated a LED-fueled 5G logo into the rear of the telephone that lights up in trademark Sprint yellow when the gadget is being used. In the event that you feel constrained to promote to companions and outsiders that you have one of the primary 5G Telephones on the planet, this may intrigue you. By and by, I think that it’s ostentatious — and it’s unquestionably not helped by the appalling logo.

The 5G symbol is, in any case, the main prominent plan highlight that recognizes the V50 from the V40 — at any rate in the U.S. In specific markets, LG is propelling an inquisitive extra for the V50 that would go far toward separating the telephone — a subsequent screen, called Dual Display, that cuts onto the telephone and capacities as a spread situation when shut. The board is 6.2 creeps in size and is worked to let you run numerous applications without a moment’s delay or use as a controller while playing certain games. The frill won’t see discharge in the U.S., so we couldn’t test it out. LG is as yet staying silent on evaluating for the present.

LG V50 ThinQ CellPhoneSpecial

Without the Dual Display, the V50 ThinQ is, in any case, an incredibly normal looking telephone. It comes in dark (extremely unique) and sports a score for its forward-looking cameras. It’s actually what you’d anticipate from a lead in 2018 — an issue since we’re composing this sentence in 2019. Hopefully, LG has progressively eager plans as the main priority for future telephones, particularly ones that cost north of $1,000.

5G Ready

In the wake of propelling in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Kansas City, Missouri, toward the finish of May, Sprint’s 5G arrange is relied upon to come to five extra urban communities soon: Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix and Washington, D.C. We took a few to get back some composure of the telephone in Dallas after Sprint propelled its 5G arrange there. So how does the LG V50 ThinQ perform?

In the first place, don’t expect the gigabit speeds generally connected with 5G, however that is to a great extent a result of what 5G is at this moment and how Sprint worked out its system. Run is going with mid-band range for its underlying 5G dispatch. That permits the organization to offer more extensive inclusion however to the detriment of pinnacle speed.

All things considered, where 5G is accessible, you won’t botch the paces the LG V50 ThinQ wrenches out with LTE. In our testing around Dallas, the top velocities we saw extended somewhere in the range of 300 and 600 Mbps all things considered, which is a lot quicker than you’d anticipate from an LTE organize. (What’s more, a lot quicker than you’d anticipate from Sprint, which fared ineffectively in our ongoing round of LTE testing when we halted in Dallas.) It’s not as quick as what we saw from the Galaxy S10 5G on Verizon’s system in Chicago, however, the V50 stayed all the more reliably associated with 5G organize right now testing.

LG V50 ThinQ CellPhoneSpecial

All things considered, a couple of stops around Dallas conveyed some disappointing outcomes, with the V50 now and again battling to split 200 Mbps download speeds. A portion of that can be ascribed to a lot of analyzers hitting Sprint’s system simultaneously, yet even Sprint’s architects disclosed to us they typically beat out at 400 Mbps at a portion of the transporter’s prescribed test destinations.

The LG V50 ThinQ had some blended outcomes in genuine use. At its best, it took us only 1 moment and 30 seconds to download the gigantic PUBG Mobile game over 5G — a great outcome. Downloading a 24-scene period of Parks and Rec on the LG V50 took somewhat less than 8 minutes on Sprint’s system, however, that wasn’t quite a bit of an improvement over to what extent it took on an iPhone XS utilizing AT&T’s LTE arrange.

You can peruse our full report on 5G testing with the LG V50 ThinQ, however, up until this point, the telephone shows improved quicker speeds (however not eye-popping numbers) with a couple of irregularities commonplace of another system.

Big and brilliant Display

The LG V50 ThinQ presentation, similar to the LG V40 ThinQ is LG’s generally wonderful — a 6.4-inch POLED board with a 19.5:9 perspective proportion and goals of 3120 x 1440. We were intrigued by the V40’s usage of this screen and saw it as an imposing rival to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9  presentation. Be that as it may, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O screen and the OnePlus 7 Pro’s sans bezel show are top tier for 2019 leaders, and the V50 can’t exactly analyze.

All things considered, the LG V50 ThinQ presentation is large and splendid. The screen is nearly as vivid as the OnePlus 7 Pro’s profoundly appraised board, covering 169.5% of the sRGB shading extent. The 7 Pro offers a more extensive territory at 180%, yet the V50 somewhat pushes out the more reasonable OnePlus lead with regards to shading precision, scoring 0.17 on the Delta-E test, where numbers more like 0 are increasingly exact. The 7 Pro indented a 0.18.

LG V50 ThinQ CellPhoneSpecial

The LG V50 ThinQ Display is similarly as brilliant as the S10 5G, arriving at 522 nits all things considered, yet the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is considerably more splendid at 625 nits.

For whatever length of time that you wouldn’t fret the score, the V50’s OLED board is distinctive enough for watching motion pictures or messing around. I viewed a trailer for The Goldfinch on YouTube, and a strained, smoke-filled scene in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art was stunningly emotional on the V50’s screen.

Cameras of V50 Still great, still not the best

The LG V50 ThinQ acquires the triple-focal point back camera LG presented with the V40 toward the end of last year. You get a 12-megapixel principal shooter with a liberal ƒ/1.5 gap that gives a plenitude of light access to the sensor, helped by a ƒ/1.9 12-MP wide-point camera and ƒ/2.4 zooming focal point for more zoomed-in representations with a shallow profundity of-field impact.

LG V50 ThinQ CellPhoneSpecial

We weren’t horrendously intrigued with the LG V40 ThinQ camera when we checked on the telephone a year ago, yet LG has guaranteed us that the V50’s equipment, reused however it is, is as yet upheld by the organization’s most recent picture upgrading programming. That incorporates AI scene acknowledgment and another Night View mode that insightfully joins 10 edges for one uniformly uncovered picture.

In any case, the LG V50 ThinQ passes up the LG G8 ThinQ genuine gathering piece: its 3D-detecting, time-of-flight-empowered forward-looking Z Camera, that empowers Air motion controls and Hand ID verification. While the V50’s selfie camera cluster is as yet double focal point, the auxiliary camera is of the ordinary, wide-edge type, in contrast to the LG G8 ThinQ refined 3D profundity sensor. All things considered, the G8’s sensor and the highlights it empowers didn’t wow us when we inspected it not long ago.

LG V50 ThinQ CellPhoneSpecial

The LG V50 ThinQ cameras come up short on the fancy odds and ends of the LG G8 ThinQ and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Be that as it may, the shots they convey are consummately satisfactory, even in situations where they’re not exactly tantamount to equal cell phone cameras.

Right now containers of blossoms coating a shop’s retires, Google’s Pixel 3 successes. The complexity of the petals in each blossom is fresh. The individual petals of the solitary rose on the base right of the picture are obviously outlined. The V50 smothers the upper left of the photograph, where daylight was spilling into the shop. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus obscures the photograph, yet you can, in any case, observe more detail in the florals than you can in the V50.

LG V50 ThinQ CellPhoneSpecial
LG Electronics USA Director of Mobile Communications Frank Lee presents the new LG V50 device ahead of the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain February 24, 2019. REUTERS/Albert Gea

The LG V50 ThinQ is more grounded in Portrait Mode. It was a near fiasco between the V50 and Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus, which both game triple-focal point clusters. My hair is redder in the V50’s picture, however, the camera’s haze is more awful around my twists. This is a test most telephones come up short, so it is anything but an unexpected that the V50 misses the mark here. The trees out of sight of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus representation look progressively clear and draw the eye promptly, however, my skin and hair seem compliment than they do, all things considered.

I turned on the V50’s AI Cam include for this shot of a Manhattan horizon, which the camera perceived as a cityscape. The blues in the V50’s shot are distinctive, however, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus caught a more shading exact picture. The Google Pixel 3 elevates the shadows and difference of the structures against the sky. By and large, this shot has excessively near pronounced a champ.

That is something worth being thankful for — it implies cell phone cameras are turning out to be so advanced in regards to programming that the distinctions in top of the line telephones are practically insignificant. In any case, the way that you can get Google’s amazing photography includes in a sub-$400 gadget, for example, the Google Pixel 3a is actually why you shouldn’t purchase the V50 on the off chance that you simply need a decent camera telephone.

Battery Life: yet not all that great on LTE Fine over 5G

LG stuffed a 4,000 mAh battery in its 5G leader as a wellbeing net, in the event that 5G network was a battery-suck. Dash said its 2.5GHz system, which is associated with both 4G and 5G at the same time, was less depleting than 5G based on mmWave range.

As I dashed around Dallas doing 5G testing on Sprint’s system, the LG V50 ThinQ chugged along splendidly. Following 3 hours of overwhelming use, during which I introduced PUBG Mobile (at that point erased and reinstalled it on different occasions) and different applications, downloaded a whole period of Parks and Recreation, ran many speed tests on Ookla’s application, made a call to my better half and surfed the web, the V50 was down to 70%.

LG V50 ThinQ CellPhoneSpecial

I didn’t get an opportunity to run the CellPhoneSpecial Battery Test, persistent web-surfing until the battery kicks the bucket, over 5G, however when I carried the gadget back with me, I tried it on Sprint’s LTE arrange. The outcomes were bad. The telephone kept going only 8 hours and 28 minutes. That is in accordance with LG’s different leads, including the LG G8 ThinQ (9:29), the LG V40 ThinQ (8:48) and the G7 (8:35), yet lingers a long ways behind opponents like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (12:30) and even the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (10:56).

We’ll have to test the LG V50 ThinQ all the more broadly on a 5G system to measure its battery execution, however at the present time, we’re disinterested.

Performance of V50 ThinQ   No counterpart for OnePlus 7 Pro

With 6GB of RAM and Qualcomm’s most recent Snapdragon 855 processor, the LG V50 ThinQ turns in a conventional exhibition.

The LG V50 ThinQ never faltered, even as I stretched it as far as possible in my 5G testing by introducing goliath applications, messing around, downloading many TV scenes on Netflix, cruising the web and for the most part dragging the telephone through hellfire.

LG V50 ThinQ CellPhoneSpecial

With regards to illustrations execution, the LG V50 ThinQ is among the best. LG’s most recent scored 5,566 on 3DMark’s Sling Shot Extreme OpenGL ES 3.1 benchmark, sliding only in front of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, which indented 5,563. The OnePlus 7 Pro scored 5,587 on the benchmark, while the Apple iPhone XS hit only 4,339.

Be that as it may, in Geekbench 4’s trial of in general System execution, the V50 hit 9,015, well underneath its opponents, the S10 5G (10,684), the S10 Plus (10,732) and even LG’s other 2019 lead, the G8 ThinQ (10,958). The OnePlus 7 Pro (11,227) stood out, gratitude to its 12GB of RAM.

Final Conclusion about V50 ThinQ 

With the LG V50 ThinQ is one of the principal telephone creators to offer a 5G-prepared gadget in the U.S., trailing Samsung by only half a month. The V50 probably won’t be an eye-getting or even altogether new gadget in a similar vein as the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, yet that probably won’t make any difference a lot to LG, insofar as the V50 conveys quick, solid execution in urban areas where 5G is accessible. I would say utilizing the V50 on Sprint’s 5G organize, the telephone certainly observed quicker speeds, however not so quick as the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G on Verizon’s system.

Be that as it may, LG ought to be recognized for shoehorning the guts of a 5G telephone into the V40’s body — no little accomplishment, as Samsung’s 6.7-inch beast 5G telephone demonstrates. In any case, besides that mechanical accomplishment, the V50 shows up very commonplace.

LG V50 ThinQ CellPhoneSpecial

For quite a long time, LG has pointlessly part its superior clients between its G-and V-arrangement lines, limiting highlights to one model or the other, instead of pooling every one of its endeavors into a solitary leader articulation that truly moves the needle. Also, regardless, that is actually what the organization has done again for 2020.

In case you’re truly energized for 5G and you’re a Sprint client living in one of the transporter’s mid 5G markets, you should look out for the LG V50 ThinQ. In any case, in our testing, 5G does not merit the premium for this in any case normal handset.

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